Tuesday, June 22, 2010

If you're still reading, you are privy to info we're not sharing in public just yet

It's not that we really *mind* if people know, it's just a little early to broadcast it just yet.
Tonight, we went to our first of 9 or 10 classes to foster and/or adopt through the county. In our case, we're shooting for straight adoption. Turns out, a girl I knew in high school and her husband are in the class as well, but they are fostering. We have a lot of homework!
This isn't exactly where we were headed, but a little $omething i$ holding u$ back from international adoption for a while. I'm reassured by multiple people that this can can work out wonderfully and we won't be disappointed. Time will tell!

Monday, November 2, 2009

November is National Adoption Awareness Month!!

November is National Adoption Awareness Month!!!
Remember those who have/were adopted, are in the process of adopting, need to be adopted, or are looking forward to adopting in the future. My plan is to share some facts about adoption throughout the month on my blog, and I'm also going to try to throw out some random facts on f#ceb00k and my3space. I was going to get started tonight, but instead spent 2 and a half hours looking for a silly piece of paper that was sitting in plain sight.... (But I also managed to do some cleaning out and pack up some of those million books that drive Jason nuts, so I'll take it!!)

Monday, October 26, 2009

No posts since July? Really? Oh well, movin' on and junk.

We're moving! Not really "new" news to most who know us, but when someone neglects their blog for 3 or 4 months a lot can happen! We're painting and packing and getting ready. It's a little sad to think about our numbered nights to sleep in our first shared bedroom, or the last few meals in our little kitchen, or not having to turn on lights to go to the bathroom at night because you know how to avoid breaking your toes on stuff. A significantly larger mortgage is kind of scary, but.... We need the space, we need the new-ness, we need the front yard. It's becoming "home" as we paint and decorate and what not. Our new house won't need any work, really, to be adoption-homestudy-ready. I'm thinking we add a fire extinguisher here, some little stuff there, we're good to go.

On the health front, things have been better since July. Not perfect, mind you, but better. And I'll take better. :) I still have a (brief, minor) breakdown when I leave CVS each month for several reasons, but it's something I just have to deal with, hopefully only until after we get moved and settled.

Jason and I are beginning to kick around ideas and options for adoption. We are just over 6 months away from being able to apply, and while I feel like we should be preparing by really researching agencies and deciding on countries and whatnot, we're really focused right now on painting, packing, and playing. It's "birthday season" among both our families, and of course Nov and Dec are packed with other stuff. I'm thinking in January when there aren't any holidays and it's too cold to go outside, we'll really hunker down and get serious about this stuff.

In the meantime, we are getting the word out that we're planning to adopt. Asking for prayer, letting cousins know, etc. So, please pray for decisions we need to make, for understanding from friends and family, and for our future children and their birthparents, wherever they may be. :) I'll try to be back soon!
Vanessa (and Jason)

No posts since July? Really? Movin' on, makin

No posts since July? Really? Movin' on, makin

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Medical Update....

So some of you may know I (Vanessa) haven't really had the best week ever. What started out at the end of last week as a dull ache in my lower left side, turned into oh-my-heavens-give-me-dru.gs-now-before-I-die!!!! After a, let's say less than pleasant, dealings with Doct.or's Med Care(I won't mention that it's the one beside the Etowah County Annex and don't send your DOG there), we made a trip to the ER Monday night.
We don't really have a definitive diagnosis as of yet, and against the wishes/advice of well, everyone in Gallant, I went to work part of today, and am planning to do so for the remainder of the week. As long as I don't stand up or move a lot, I'm okay. Really. And you know, those RX's come in pretty handy, too. That whole focus factor thing is pretty much gone for the night, so let me close by saying, I have an appointment Friday afternoon @ 3:00 to see a doc @ St Vincent's East. I'd appreciate your prayers!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Sorry about the silence! Here's where I've been....

**Alex got his body cast off on Wednesday. He's not walking yet, but I hear he's crawling a lot and standing a little. Woohoo for a cast-free summer!!! ;)

**I used to think that 2 weeks of VBS would be AWESOME.... Then I helped with the toddler class, and realized why all the teachers thought that would totally not work. I enjoyed helping Lauren teach (actually she taught, I kid-wrangled), but I was happy to sleep in this morning, and Jason and I are about to get ready and head out for some adult fun. (Relax, we're going to Haagen-Daz and J. Alexander's. That's about as wild and crazy as we get, okay?) Between Body Cast Boy, Colby's surgery, Heather's house, fire class, and VBS, we haven't had a date in forEVER. Sorry, no nieces, nephews, or even friends allowed. Sorry, Coldstone gang!!

Now back to semi-regularly scheduled adoption-related stuff. As soon as we go have a little fun. :)